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Our vision is to inspire a new generation of professional educators in the field of combat training. 

Online Learning Platform

Times are changing, and along with it, the way we teach. Unfortunately, many martial art schools have been affected by the obstacles the world is currently facing.

At CDSU, we offer an affordable and effective solution to bring your school curriculum to an online learning platform and avoid disrupting your student’s progress and motivation.

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Expert Collaborators

Information that you can trust

We strive to bring our members articles and content with correct and verified information. That is why we have teamed up with professionals and master instructors in fitness, kinesiology, and combat/MA. Look for the Expert Collaborator badge when viewing any of our content.

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On-line Courses

Our on-line courses platform allows instructors to offer their curriculum on-line, and students to access the lessons anywhere, and anytime.

Study Guides

Prepare for your next rank examination, keep track of each rank's requirements, and stay organized.

Technique Analysis

Don’t settle for just memorizing the movements. Understand why you're moving in a certain way, the body mechanics, related injuries and recovery techniques.

Expert Collaborators

Learn from professionals and experts in various fields as they share their knowledge and experiences with the CDSU community.


Save the date, and join us at one of the CDSU webinars led by one of our Expert Collaborators.

Blogs & Articles

Our reading content covers a variety of subjects, including combat, business best practices, and personal development.

Note Pad

Create lesson study notes, save them, and access them whenever you want. Use the quick link to review the lesson.


Can't remember the Japanese word for 'inside block"? No problem, our glossary can help with that.


Add value to your school/gym offerings, by making your curriculum available online.

Private Courses

Allow students to access your lessons anywhere, and anytime. Speed up the learning process while avoiding interruptions due to holidays or COVID-19 shutdowns.

Zoom Integration

Integrate your Zoom training with CDSU, and allow members access to previous sessions directly from our platform.

Course Monteization

Creating online content takes time and a bit of money. So, recover your expenses and even earn extra income by monetizing your courses.

Private Sessions

Our tools and platform allow Instructors to offer private sessions to individuals or groups.


Administer quizzes and provide immediate grading. Quizzes are automatically graded, saving you time for other essential tasks.


Theory is as important as the physical aspect in combat and fitness. Assign written assignments and keep track of who is completing them.


Keep track of your student’s progress by accessing various reports, including completion rates, quizzes, and more.

Serialized Certificates

CDSU certificates are serialized to ensure their validity. Use our Certificate Validation feature to find a certificate’s serial number in our database.


Get the latest updates from the CDSU community, see the most active groups and check out the newest post .


Join one of the CDSU, school, or community groups. Share your experiences with like-minded people.



Start a new topic on your favorite subject, or ask a question at a CDSU Forum.


You can direct message CDSU members or invite them to your circle of friends.


Make it to the top 10 on the global leader board by being consistent with your courses and taking on various quests.


CDSU Achievements is our way of saying thank you and letting you know that we recognize your hard work and commitment to developing your skills.