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Time can be more valuable than money.  Help us grow with just a few seconds of your time.  If you have more than just a few seconds, we have a list of things you can help us out with. 😊 

  • We’re a small team with huge plans and ideas.
  • We are professionals with full time jobs and families, who contribute our free time to CDSU’s development.
  • Our budget is limited.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Subscribe or collaborate with us.


One of our goals is to make our content available to the world in as many languages as possible. You can help us by translating CDSU content to your language. For more information Contact Us.

We’re always looking for educational content.  If you are an expert in one of CDSU’s research fields, and would like to share your knowledge while promoting your services or school, Contact Us.

Learning a new art/skill requires learning new words.  Sometimes even in a different language. We’d like to save you time by capturing as many words, phrases, and concepts as possible and making them easily available on the CDSU Library glossary.  For more information on how to contribute to our glossary Contact Us.

Convert your school curriculum into a CDSU Study Guide.  Our study guides help students with their combat/martial arts training by allowing them to study, retain information ,and prepare for their rank/level tests. For more information Contact Us.

Notice: We are currently working on restructuring the platform and rebuilding some of the features from scratch. During this time, membership will be closed. Current members may still access some of the features. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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