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Reengineering Combat Training

Notice: We are currently working on restructuring the platform and rebuilding some of the features from scratch. During this time, membership will be closed. Current members may still access some of the features. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Welcome to CDSU

Combat Defense Systems University

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Our vision is to inspire a new generation of professional educators in the field of combat training. 

Online Learning Platform

Whether you’re learning or studying for your next rank promotion or personal trainer certification, CDSU has the tools to help you.

Our Martial Arts Study Guides can help you remember the skills needed for your rank and keep track of your progress.

Our Technique Analysis Articles help the reader understand each technique’s body mechanic principles and include recommendations on improving performance, avoiding injuries, and basic recovery methods.

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On-line Courses

Our on-line courses platform allows instructors to offer their curriculum on-line, and students to access the lessons anywhere, and anytime.

Study Guides

Prepare for your next rank examination, keep track of each rank's requirements, and stay organized.

Technique Analysis

Don’t settle for just memorizing the movements. Understand why you're moving in a certain way, the body mechanics, related injuries and recovery techniques.

Expert Collaborators

Learn from professionals and experts in various fields as they share their knowledge and experiences with the CDSU community.

Blogs & Articles

Our reading content covers a variety of subjects, including combat, business best practices, and personal development.

Note Pad

Create lesson study notes, save them, and access them whenever you want. Use the quick link to review the lesson.


Can't remember the Japanese word for 'inside block"? No problem, our glossary can help with that.

exercise / strikes / blocks / movement



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